Board of Directors Global Leadership

Scott A. Daum
Director and Managing Partner, Parallel49 Equity
Tod Hughes
Mark E. Rose
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Bradley Seaman
Director and Managing Partner, Parallel49 Equity
Robert Slaughter
Director and Chief Legal Officer
Earl Webb
Director and President, U.S. Operations
Cory Wosnack
Director and Managing Director, Edmonton

Corporate Global Leadership

Mark E. Rose
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Earl Webb
President, U.S. Operations
Christine Battist
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Slaughter
Chief Legal Officer
Hiren Thakar
Chief Operating Officer, International Operations
Amy Erixon
Managing Director, Investment Management
Mark Fieder
Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Operations
Keith Lipton
Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Operations
Tom Morande
Chief Accounting Officer
Ariella Middlebrook
Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Operations
Frances Lewis
Chief Marketing Officer
Pamela Mazza, EdM HR
Chief Human Resources Officer
Lyndal Hanna
Chief Information Officer
Jayne McColl
Managing Director, Canadian Operations
Jonathan R. Satter, RPA, SIOR
Managing Director, U.S. Operations and Managing Director, West Palm Beach
Sherry Quan
Global Director of Communications and Media Relations
John F. Kevill
Managing Director, US Capital Markets
Bill Argeropoulos
Practice Leader, Research, Canada
Margaret Donkerbrook
Practice Leader, U.S. Research
Char Fortune
Director of Learning & Professional Development

Market Leadership